Our Goals

Our Goals

Oman Ghana Baako’s short-term goals are:
  • Publicize its program to recruit intellectual, moral & financial support among the Ghanaian diaspora, & progressive residents & institutions at home.
Oman Ghana Baako’s medium term goals are:
  • Identify & negotiate commitment of resources to our program;
    to develop & begin to deploy our civic education materials in cooperation with governments.
  • Negotiate progressive implementation of our social entitlement & employment programs, beginning within the next national budget cycle, with commitment to full implementation within one generation (20 years).
Oman Ghana Baako’s long term goals are:
  • Implement its lifetime program of basic & aspirational social entitlements for all residents.
  • Diminish economic disparity among Ghanaians;
  • Inspire young Ghanaians to fulfill their aspirations within Ghana

Our Mission Statement

Oman Ghana Baako: Growing Ghana together.


  • Identify & deploy resources
  • Social Services (entitlements)
  • Inspiration
  • Economic Disparity
  • Financial Management

Oman Ghana Baako hopes to secure the intellectual, moral & financial support of its diaspora for our program, Ghana Can Be Better & to encourage those who are able, to return to Ghana before retirement from public or commercial life, bringing & sharing their experience & knowledge.