Our Goals

Oman Ghana Baako Goals

Oman Ghana Baako is not naïve; we recognize that change & development are political processes, that resistance from advantaged interest groups will be encountered, & that conflict over resources is inevitable. Oman Ghana Baako will identify resources, confront corruption, implement a program of lifetime basic & aspirational entitlements, & provide inspiration to all residents.

Oman Ghana Baako’s short-term goals are:

  • to publicise its program;
  • to recruit intellectual, moral & financial support among the Ghanaian diaspora, & progressive residents & institutions at home.

Oman Ghana Baako’s medium term goals are:

  • to identify & negotiate commitment of resources to our program;
  • to develop & begin to deploy our civic education materials in cooperation with governments;
  • to negotiate progressive implementation of our social entitlement & employment programs, beginning within the next national budget cycle, with commitment to full implementation within one generation (20 years);
  • to negotiate commitment to our inspirational ‘smart-cities’ & like programs, with immediate commencement of at least one signature program within the next national or local government budget cycle.

Oman Ghana Baako’s long term goals are:

  • to minimise corruption at all levels of public life;
  • to implement its lifetime program of basic & aspirational social entitlements for all residents;
  • to diminish economic disparity among Ghanaians;
  • to inspire young Ghanaians to fulfil their aspirations within Ghana.

Oman Ghana Baako looks to Ghanaian residents for cooperation & belief. We look to Ghanaian young people to reengage with & commit to their communities.

Oman Ghana Baako’s mission begins now. Development is urgent because Ghana’s presently young population will have completed its demographic transition to a stable number (nearly triple today’s) by the end of this century. At that point the population will be aging & development much more difficult to finance.