Our Appeals

Appeal #1: The Quality of Being Attractive or Interesting.

The leadership of Oman Ghana Baako believes that our proposed programs and projects would be both attractive and interesting to all residents, expatriates & anyone who cares about Ghana and its people. Our programs and policies give no preference to religious, cultural, political activism, or tribal/group sentiments.

This belief is premised on the core elements of OGB that:

  • Ghana Can Be Better for everyone. Building strategic institutions and implementing good policies and programs can make Ghana attractive to its people and people around the world.
  • Ghana’s human, natural & material resources can secure basic social entitlements for everyone.

Our people are Ghana’s most precious resource. Everyone is important in promoting the country. With the social needs of the people assured, the youth can fully participate and achieve their potentials. We appeal to you, to consider our proposals and contribute ideas for further development of our policies and programs.

Appeal #2: A Serious, Urgent, or Heartfelt Request.

The leadership of OGB believes that timing is important in the implementation of policies and programs. The leadership of OGB believe that:

  • Ghana has a young, rapidly growing population.
  • Ghana is well positioned – by reputation, location, resources & cultural inheritance to thrive.
  • By the end of this century, these opportunities will skip this current  generation. We, therefore, appeal to everyone to consider these facts; and contribute ideas as to how Ghanaians should respond now.

Appeal #3: Request for Donations to Support Charity or Cause

The leadership of OGB believes that Ghanaians living at home & abroad have the intellectual, moral & material resources to renew Ghana’s promise & purpose. Ghanaian expatriates estimated to remit over US$ 2 Billion per year. A very small fraction of that amount will be used to fund OGB’s programs.

We appeal to you, to contribute manpower and resources (money and materials) to help promote this worthy cause. We ask all supporters (though more will be welcome if possible) to contribute a monthly  commitment of at least one major unit of their local currency, that is:

➢ Ghanaian residents: One Cedi

➢ Eurozone residents: one Euro

➢ UK residents: One GBP

➢ US residents: one USD, etc.

Our website offers a means to contribute ideas in confidence, a newsletter with up-to-date insider information about ideas & program development, plus assessment, research & reports as they become available.

Ghana Can Be Better!