OGB History


In my foreign travels, I experienced many things not seen in Ghana. The rail sector instantly struck me when I visited the Netherlands in 1998. Pillars supporting railway fly-overs inspired respect for their builders.

Earlier, in France, the extent of infrastructural development also impressed me. I saw that it is possible to travel from between Spain, through France and Belgium to the Netherlands on fast, efficient rail services. These and other countries have continually built infrastructure, expanding their economies while pursuing their individual developmental agendas.

I observed that dedication; selflessness and co-operation develop these countries. It struck me that current generations must build for their successors.

I resolved to start an organization, to emulate the unity of purpose and sense of urgency that guided these countries’ development, to help develop Ghana. This resolution occupied my mind throughout my travels in Europe. It persisted when I returned to Ghana. When I went to the United Kingdom, the feeling had grown so strong that people thought me obsessed.

In Ghana, I met Kwadwo Boateng (Papa Sam). We later re-united in the United Kingdom and became close. We lamented and lambasted Ghana’s leadership for its under-development. In our many deliberations, building a developed Ghana was our main topic.

In 2016, I took the initiative to discuss my thoughts with G.K. Edward (Mr), also in the United Kingdom, on how to unite Ghanaians living in foreign countries in a common cause: to develop our country. I believed that a developed Ghana could relegate hunger, corruption, isolation, hopelessness, brain-drain and illegal Mediterranean expeditions, among other evils that engulf the country and its people. I believed that we could contribute to Ghanaian development from outside since the inside approach alone has failed.

On March 20th, 2018, Mr G. K. Edward invited me to his house. He gave me a written summary of our several discussions. He advised me to officially register an institution that can be used to achieve my vision. ‘Ghana Baako’ was registered later that same day, 20th March 2018, as a Non-Governmental Organization based in the United Kingdom. Our core mandate is to use international practices we have observed in foreign countries to help develop Ghana.



Kwaku Appiah