Oman Ghana Baako (OGB) paid a Courtesy call on the Chief and people of Sefwi-Akontombra and Sefwi-Adjoafoah in Sefwi-Wiawso

Oman Ghana Baako (OGB) paid a Courtesy call on the Chief and people of Sefwi-Akontombra and Sefwi-Adjoafoah in Sefwi-Wiawso

On Wednesday 24th March 2021, OMAN GHANA BAAKO (OGB) paid a courtesy call on the Chiefs and people of Akontombra and Adjoafoah in Sefwi- Wiawso of the Western North Region of Ghana to help with implementation of OGB’s sustainable development program, consisting of community projects that will enhance the economy and social status of people in the area.

Mr.Joe Laryea -Country Head, USA and Global Head of IT said OGB started from the United Kingdom. “We want to bring all Ghanaians together to achieve a common goal, We left Ghana to search for greener pastures; we have worked and lived among westerners; we have learned a lot and realized we could do a lot at home”.

“We came together and realized that we have acquired skills and knowledge that we can bring back to our country to help with development, so we want to bring Ghanaians abroad and those at home together to help our country, We also discovered that our reasons for leaving Ghana persist and If we do not bring support back home, generations will suffer”.

He said, OGB stands for building our nation and that we can achieve this together as one people with common goals, dealing with other countries on equal terms.

He revealed that OGB has introduced The ‘One Ghana project’ where each Ghanaian worldwide will pay an amount of one unit of local currency every month: in US one dollar; in UK one pound; in Europe one Euro etc.

 He said the rationale for this initiative is that about 5 million Ghanaians live outside the country and about 30 million at home, so if a significant fraction of Ghanaians donates even these small amounts, particularly expatriates, millions may be raised monthly.

The funds will be used for developmental projects. “This is a great idea that will help youth and generations to come, creating jobs and enabling OGB to provide basic amenities”.

Mr. Emmanuel Nsiaba Kobi Global Head of Communication  said, OGB would start with agriculture to create jobs and employment for youth, reducing emigration to other countries. 

About 40% of Ghana’s population lives in rural communities; youth unemployment and under-employment is more than double rates for the whole workforce, Ghana’s agricultural land is an under-utilised resource, due to historical patterns of ownership and technologies. 

Improved agricultural production is needed to improve food security for a rapidly growing population. 


Surplus food production can provide food security in the broader region while earning export income for Ghana.

As employment is created, in both rural and urban areas, economic demand will support increased investment and production. 

OGB will work with government and other organisations to plan necessary infrastructure, supporting Ghanaian enterprise.

He said there are many projects OGB will be embarking on: health clinics, libraries, and many more public amenities.

Mr. Emmanuel Nsiaba Kobi concluded by saying, "OGB is here to make a change, a difference where we can help ourselves and build the nation”.

The Chief of Sefwi Akontombra Nana Kwabena Ebie II said, he was excited and grateful to OGB for their laudable ideas. 

He said, he will assist OGB, with all his capacity, to achieve their goals, "we will give land for the farming project and a place of office".

Mr. Christian Oware  Head of Operation OGB Ghana said, "OGB believes each and everyone has a unique talent within them that needs to come out”. OGB is here to build a foundation of support for everyone to bring out their best. He said it is not about what you will get at the end of the day but what we all can do for our country.

We believe together we can build a better Ghana for ourselves and our children.

He implores all to register with OGB to make a change.

OMAN GHANA BAAKO (OGB) is a registered Non-Governmental and Non-Religious social institution established to help develop Ghana and its people.

We desire to work with all types of organisation (Government and non-government) in implementing sustainable development projects that will enhance the economy and social status of its people.

OGB is registered in the United Kingdom with the Companies House, and in Ghana with the Registrar General's Department and the Department of Social Welfare. 

OGB is also registered as a non-profit in the United State of America. A constitution bounds OGB: [link to constitution].

To register(Oman Ghana Baako) go to ;

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