Oman Ghana Baako calls for renewed efforts to develop the motherland

Oman Ghana Baako calls for renewed efforts to develop the motherland

Ghanaians have been called upon to support efforts to turn the fortunes of the country and salvage her dwindling image before it is too late.

Competition, which has been a blessing for other states and champions the rate of development, is the exception for Ghana where every alternative development suggestion is regarded with animosity.

If all the different divisions of Ghanaians truly seek the same result of development and growth of the country, why should it always be competition and not collaboration?

These are some of the concerns that a not-for-profit organization, Oman Ghana Baako, is expressing as the very partisan political discourse continues to mask the serious challenges confronting the nation.

Nsiaba Nana Akwasi Kobi of the OGB Communications Team expressed these lamentations in a write-up and pointed out that 63 years after independence, there is little to show for such freedom.

“Politics seems more nasty, divided and polarized than ever,” he said.

“Some reports suggest that half of Ghanaians have animosity toward parties where they don’t belong to.”

“You’d be forgiven for wondering why we can’t just go back to those days when patriotism was commonly found amongst Ghanaians and there was a sense of national unity devoid of party politics,” he stated.

He noted that Ghana is partisan than ever and that the more peaceful and unified past, the golden age of unity is fast eluding the country.

He added, “Let’s think for a moment about what the nature of political division looks like right now in Ghana. The issues politicians fight over divide us consistently with party labels.

Nsiaba Nana Akwasi Kobi made a rallying call for the pursuit of new vision and direction as being propounded by OGB to ensure the great land of Ghana rises.

OGB is made up of Ghanaians in the Diaspora who are mobilising resources to return home for development projects as part of support for the government.

The group plans to invest in water, health and other projects to support the development of the nation.

The OGB Italy branch, under the leadership of Nana Akosua Ampomaah Nhyira, Dormaa Ahenkro Aduana Totomakobea Hemaa, will be holding its maiden general meeting on Saturday 29th February, 2020 and invites all Ghanaians in Italy and neighbouring states to participate.

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